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I'm the founder of The Posthuman Lab and a founding co-editor of the Journal of Posthumanism. Currently, I teach at Yorkville University's General Studies Program. I'm also a researcher at the University of Toronto, where I work on a project at the intersection of technology, politics, and posthumanism.


My other affiliations include Ontario Tech University's Digital Life Institute (AI Implications Cluster), Brock University's Posthumanism Research Institute, and the US-based Center for Critical Research on Religion. Before moving to Canada, I worked as an assistant professor of political science in Istanbul, Turkey, as well as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Florida’s Department of Religion.

My research centers around posthuman politics, ethics, and technology, with a particular emphasis on ecological security.

When I don't read and write; swimming, walking, cycling, and watching movies and series make me feel good.

Robart's Library, Toronto, 2019.


Posthuman citizenship and sustainability

A posthumanist, ecological intervention into citizenship studies and alternative sustainabilities

Posthuman, postsecular security

Posthumanist and postsecular approach to ecological security studies

Posthumanism, activism, and technology

Activism, social movements, and protests in the posthuman era

Posthuman ethics of AI

Posthumanist ethical turn in technology, computation, and artificial intelligence

Posthuman religion

The research on religion, belief, and values in the digital age

Religion and nature

The analysis of socio-technical and ecological issues using a framework based on religion and nature literature


Ph.D. (2015)

İstanbul University

Political Science and International Relations

Ph.D. Research (2013)

Leiden University

Turkish Studies

M.A. (2010)

Turkish War Colleges

National and International Security Strategies

B.A. (2008)

Boğaziçi University

Political Science and International Relations

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