Nature is an entirety of ecosystems, and humans, also including their inner nature, belong to this entirety... Thus, each of their attempts will also affect themselves.

Most Recent Academic Publications 

Dedeoglu, C. (2021). Reading (through) COVID-19: Towards a posthumanist strategy in higher education. In I. Fayed & J. Cummings (Eds.), Teaching in the post COVID-19 era (pp. 183-189). Sprınger.

Buran Utku, S., Dedeoglu, C., Kümbet, P., & Tuncel, Y. . (2021). Posthumanisms beyond disciplines. Journal of Posthumanism, 1(1), 1–4. 

Dedeoglu, C. (2021). “Hey Siri: Do you believe in god?” A posthuman exposé of belief bias in AI programming. In W.H.U. Anderson (Ed.), Technology and theology (pp. 77-90). Vernon Books.

Most Recent Public Writing

Dedeoglu, C. Dec 9, 2021. “Politik ekoloji ezilenlerin ekolojisine odaklanmamizi saglayabilir.” (“Political ecology might enable us to focus on the ecology of the oppressed.” [in Turkish]), Hemhâl (interview).

Dedeoglu, C. Aug 7, 2021. Sürdürülebilir bir toplum için insanötesi politik-etik bir çerçeve önerisi (A posthuman political-ethical framework for a sustainable society [in Turkish]). PENTACLE: ​Posthuman Entanglements in Culture, Literature, and Environment.

Dedeoglu, C. May 8, 2021. İklim değişikliğine etik-dinsel bir bakış (An ethical-religious approach to climate change  [in Turkish]). Hemhal (translation).

A full list of the publications is here.

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