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Book chapters


Dedeoglu, C. (2021). Reading (through) COVID-19: Towards a posthumanist strategy in higher education. In I. Fayed & J. Cummings (Eds.), Teaching in the post COVID-19 era (pp. 183-189). Sprınger.  

technology and theology_edited.jpg

Dedeoglu, C. (2021). “Hey Siri: Do you believe in god?” A posthuman exposé of belief bias in AI programming. In W.H.U. Anderson (Ed.), Technology and theology (pp. 77-90). Vernon Books. (link)

2019 secularism.jpg

Dedeoglu, C. (2020). The modern is not secular: Mapping the idea of secularism in the works of Steve Bruce, Charles Taylor, and Talal Asad. In S. Unsar and O. Unal Eris (Eds.), Revisiting secularism in theory and practice: Genealogy and cases (pp. 105-125). Springer.

2015 gezi.jpg

Dedeoglu, C., and H. Aksakal. (2015). The Contradictions of Erdoganism: Political triumph vs. socio-cultural failure. In G. Koc & H. Aksu (Eds.), Another brick in the barricade: The Gezi resistance and its aftermath (pp. 249-265). Wiener Verlag für Sozialforschung in EHV Academicpress GmbH (link)

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